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Belarusian Beaver Attack

Belarusian Beaver Attack

Let us dispense with the obvious jokes right away.

A man was killed by a Belarusian beaver.

The attack did not take place in a Moscow night club. The attack was executed by the beaver itself, not by a bouncer.

That said, we believe the lesson here is that while there are circumstances under which one could safetly photograph a beaver, we suggest that you not attempt to do so in these three places:

  • In the Belarusian wild
  • In the Russian taiga
  • In a nightclub

Not unless you are a professional, my friends, not unless you are a professional.

(On a side note, our search for "Russian Beaver" did not turn up any images we thought we could post with this article. They were all quite obscene. Instead, we chose to post a nice picture of a pussy.)

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