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Genre Matters

Genre Matters

Poetry fan kills prose partisan. Who was right? Who is to blame? What is to be done?

We won't weigh in on the merits of prose versus poetry because we have not settled that matter amongst ourselves. Frankly, if Yuri, Sasha and Misha were to have this discussion, more than one of us would end up dead. (Also, the name of the dead man is Yuri. We do not wish to deplete further the world's threatened supply of men named Yuri.)

Even if we were inclined to shed blood to resolve this issue, that is not the topic here. Shame on you for thinking so. A man is dead.

He's dead because:

  • He had a huge soul,
  • He had a friend who had a huge soul,
  • They both cared deeply about a hugely soulful subject,
  • There may have been alcohol involved (soulfully), and
  • Irbit, Sverdlosk.

But most importantly, he died because he forgot an important rule. We wish to remind you of this rule so that you will not make this mistake yourself.

Never bring prose to a poetry fight.

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