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No Pill Necessary...Except For Big-Souled-Craftiness

You see, the Russian does not just drink for the sake of pondering imponderable silvery-birched thoughts. Also he drinks to extract state secrets from his enemies. A supplement sometimes helps in this endeavor.

Now small-souled minions abroad want this very secret from our crafty secret services. Fine, they can have it...for a price. As the article states, we never really needed the pill, but it was a handy fall-back. Also a good excuse for frequent trips to the tualiet to scribble hasty notes. All this explains why the Soviet system was the great and towering world power until tee-totalling Gorbachev came along and wrecked it with his anti-vodka, and hence anti-BRS, campaign. A bitter pill to swallow, eh, Misha?

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