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Metro Kissing Ban?

As part of the ongoing effort to make 00's Moscow more like the Southern US in the 80's, Moscow "city authorities" are planning a ban on kissing in the Metro. This follows the ban on Halloween and (we presume) precedes the made-for-TV movies about the evils of Dungeons and Dragons.

Naturally, as with all oppression, there's a Tatyana involved. This one is shocked that folks on the metro are "drinking alcohol from bottles and cans." The article does not describe how a ban on kissing is going to stop the bottle & can drinking (or at least get people to drink from pakets and sumkas).\r\n\r\n"'Our children are getting love lessons all day long from what they see around them,' Maksimova said."\r\n\r\nSounds like paradise. We must crush it!

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