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Russia Holds Most Soulful Election in World History

Russia Holds Most Soulful Election in World History

Samovar lotteries, gingerbread voting boxes and assorted ice holes. Whatever the results of today's elections, one thing is certain: they were full of Big Russian Soul.

What has more BRS than a folk vocal ensemble that calls itself "Big Russian Soul"? Crazy Russian hackers, of course! Hackers are emblematic of the BRS. (See any film featuring the Internet since 1993.) CDDOS attacks (celebratory distributed denial of service attacks) marked the opening of election day, along with coordinated polar bear club swims and the traditional exchange of food packages for party-line votes.

Even Monomakh Dolgoruky wished to vote in this, the most soulful election in world history.

Other countries may have clever little tricks for their elections--ink-stained thumbs, blood-stained streets, Diebold electronic "voting" machines. But only Russia's elections have soul.

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