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No Wedding in the History of the World Had More Soul

No Wedding in the History of the World Had More Soul

Alla Pugacheva married her long-time friend Maxim Galkin on December 24, 2011. 


Alla Pugacheva is a walking radioactive isotope of Big Russian Soul. Long after she has gone, one can trace her footsteps by the powerful residual force of her soul. We cannot speak for Galkin's very young and yet very old soul, but Philip Kirkirov danced at the wedding, and his soul can be seen from outer space if you have but eyes to see and a platform on which to stand. Perhaps if Catherine the Great were to wed Pushkin at a posh disco in a ceremony officiated by a GAZPROM official, with Putin, barechested on a stallion, serving as best man and toastmaster... perhaps then we would have a wedding whose soul would match this great union.

In honor of their union, and in response to the relative lack of important December holidays, we at propose that December 24th be forever celebrated as Pugagalkin Eve. On this night, those who understand the Big Russian Soul will gather together to don false beards and toast true love.

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