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The Biggest-Souled City in the Universe

The Biggest-Souled City in the Universe

We are in awe of this city, Norilsk, which is beyond question the biggest-souled city in this or any other world. Also, their web site is the 2nd best web site ever.

Some facts about Norilsk, taken from the site:

  • Local mosquitos are so happy they drink the sap of daisies rather than blood.
  • After the 2008 financial crisis, thousands of American refugees fled to Norilsk in search of a better life and a piece of the Russian Dream. Most live on the west side of town in what has become a vibrant immigrant community.
  • In Norilsk, people and animals live as one, enjoying the same rights and priviledges endowed by their creator.
  • Due to strict Russian environmental controls, and the popularity of water combed mullets, a healthy ozone layer floats above Norilsk, blocking out all ultra violet rays.
  • Many Norilsk natives are well into their 100s. Some are believed to be over 150 years old! Unfortunately their birth records were lost during the chaos of the Russo-Manchurian war.

Moscow, that great village, has a soul as deep as its metro. St. Petersburg mystically endows its residents with the ability to conjure vodka and party companions from thin air. One cannot visit Irkutsk without conceiving a novel so immense that it will take years to transcribe. And Vladivostok? Well, hell, they built that damn huge bridge.

But all pale in comparison to Norilsk, where the Big Russian Soul manifests in its purest form. Norilsk we salute you!

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