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Our Perfect Laws Are Working!

Our Perfect Laws Are Working!

It is hard for foreigners to understand, but some souls are so big that by themselves they constitute a public mass gathering. Rostislav Zhuravlyov from Yekaterinburg is one such soul.

On June 24, 2012, Rostislav organized an official mass event in Yekaterinburg, with the mass consisting of one huge soul: his soul. In accordance with our perfect laws, he asked for and received a police escort. Multiple police officers walked along with him as he went about his staged mass event, providing security for and protecting bystanders from his giant, giant soul. On occasion, they filmed him. On occasion, he filmed them back.

One might reasonably ask whether the officers, who are undeniably possessed of giant souls themselves, could have sent just one huge-souled representative. In asking this, you are relying on a mathematics that does not account for the metaphysical properties of the BRS. Sometimes, one giant soul is the match of multiple equally giant souls. That's just the way it is. You cannot hope to understand.

You might also ask: "Friend, who has the bigger soul? The police or the man who organized the solo mass event?"

And when you ask this we will shake our heads and silently weep for your tragic, inevitable inability to understand us.

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