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Seriously, What Can We Add to This?

Seriously, What Can We Add to This?

There are many Putin fan sites out there. Countless, I would say. But only one Putin fan site truly captures the love he inspires.

And why the love? Because nobody, nobody has the soul that Putin has. We are experts on the Big Russian Soul and we are beginning to feel that alongside the long known phrase "you cannot hope to understand the Big Russian Soul" we should also enshrine the words "you truly cannot hope to understand the Big Putin Soul."

Perhaps there should even be another site dedicated just to the glories of the BPS. We are brave. We are knowledgeable, but we quail before the magnitude of the task of documenting the Big Putin Soul.

Thank goodness sites like Vladimir is Hotness exist. Not to chronicle, no. Not to claim to understand or to explain to the unwashed, unsouled, hopeless masses. Just to appreciate the wonder and the glory.

Sometimes, all you can do is stand there, bask and appreciate. And in the face of the mighty BPS, that's good enough.

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