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Babushka and the Wolf

Babushka and the Wolf

I don't care how high on the food chain you think you are. Don't mess with a babushka.

We all understand and accept the sad fact that foreigners cannot understand the Big Russian Soul. But every now and then something happens, makes world news even, that makes us shake our heads and wonder why it is so difficult, why it is in fact impossible to understand something so big, so bold, so definite.

Look at this babushka. She killed a wolf. She wanted to strangle him but he had his jaws clamped on her hand so she took an axe and hit him on the head.

Babushka + axe + nonchalance + death = BRS. Can you not understand?

Of course you cannot, even when it is standing in front of you in all its glory. Aishat Maksudova of Novo Biryuzyak, Dagestan. A wolf attacked her calf. She attacked the wolf. Who is still standing? Babushka.

Folks, you cannot hope to understand the Big Russian Soul. But you can feign understanding and thus embrace the soul in the tiniest of ways if you only remember Aishat Maksudova's words: "And then I took the axe and hit him on the head."

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