Chemist Day

The fourth Monday in May

Kiss a chemist. Carefully.

Day Of Slavic Letters And Culture

May 24

Often the first holiday in the fabulous "End Of May Holiday Season." Celebrate this one with soulful pride, knowing that Russian Pushkin Day is just around the corner.

All-Russian Library Day

May 27

Sure you'll celebrate your own oblast's library day, but let's not forget that the libraries of each smaller administrative unit are also libraries of the whole.

Border Guard Day

May 28

Congratulate the good people who keep the bad guys out with this holiday and thank them for all their good work. On this day, tradition demands that we break out our home brew and drink endless toasts to the posters on the wall. Tradition also suggests, but not insistently, that we stagger out into the snow, kiss a walrus, and weep with joy over the purity of our borders.