Knowledge Day

September 1

I'll bet you didn't know that.

Day of Solidarity in the Fight Against Terrorism

September 3

Oil and Gas Industry Day

The First Sunday in September

Day of the Battle of Borodino when the Russian army under the command of M. Kutuzov faced the French army

September 8

That's a long title.

Financier's Day

September 8

Victory of the Russian squadron under the command of F. Ushakov over the Turkish fleet off Cape Tendra

September 11

Nothing more significant has ever happened on this day.

Day of the Guys Who Make the Tanks Work

The Second Sunday in September

Forest and Timber Industry Day

The Third Sunday in September

Victory of the Russian regiments led by Grand Prince Dmitry Donskoy over the Mongol-Tatar troops in the Battle of Kulikovo

September 21

System Analyst Day

September 24

World Tourism Day

September 27

Mechanic's Day

The Last Sunday in September

Day of Nuclear Industry

September 28