What is a BRS?

Can I trust him?" Bush said. "I can. And from that basis, we can begin a very fruitful relationship." He called Putin a family man, a patriot. "I was able to get a sense of his soul," Bush told reporters

Not to doubt for a minute the perspicacity of George W. Bush during his historic first meeting with Russian president Vladimir V. Putin in Slovakia — or was it Slovenia? Some insignificant country — but we here at Big Russian Soul feel that it's high time someone set out to quantify what, exactly, this Russian “soul” thing is, so intuitively grasped by the canny former American President.

This Ol' Man Has BRSAs everyone knows, the Russian soul is no ordinary, workaday, quotidian soul. Heavens, no! Russia is a great land with a great and tragic history. Stretching from the most comical arctic wastes of Chukotiya to the balmiest Black Sea shores, from Lake Baikal (oldest, deepest, coldest) to the majestic streets of St. Petersburg — Russia is a land of superlatives, of unimaginable distances and life-threatening climactic extremes.

What's more, there is the tragic-glorious history of the Russian people themselves: trampled by Tartars, marauded by Mongols, pummeled by Poles, lashed by Lithuanians, swatted by Swedes, challenged by Chechens, bullied by Bolsheviks...and, heck, that's just for starters!!! Could such a country, such a history, produce an ordinary soul? The kind of soul an ordinary country produces? Of course, not. Such a country could only produce the Big Russian Soul

We here at BigRussianSoul.com, however, are alarmed at the increasing prevalence of ordinary-souled people out there erroneously, fraudulently or foolishly laying claim to a Big Russian Soul when, in point of fact, they have no such thing. Big Russian Souls are not for everybody! By no means! And — sad but true — not everyone is as swift on the uptake as George W. Bush, Former Leader of the Small-souled World.

Big Russian Soul poseurs cannot and will not be tolerated! To counter this tendency towards misidentification, falsification and confusion, we have devised this short test. If you or someone you love believe you have a Big Russian Soul, but entertain a doubt, however fleeting, this site can provide the answers you've been longing for.