Rate My BRS

If you do not know whether you have a Big Russian Soul, this quiz can provide help. If you are the esteemed bearer of a BRS, and wish to know the quality (size) of your BRS, this quiz can also help.

Are you Russian?

How do you respond to a superb live performance?

The word "toska" is:

You've just slammed someone's arm in the door of your PAZ mikroavtobus trapping him half-on, half-off your vehicle as you begin to drive away. Do you:

You are sitting on a park bench when a woman walks by who is smiling for no apparent reason. Which of the following best describes your first impression of the woman?

React to this statement: "Russians are the most hospitable, open-hearted people in the world."

I understand the word "sud'ba" to mean:

The Russian vocabulary of obscenity is _________ other languages' vocabularies of obscenity.

When people ask me to do something I don't want to do, _________ .

When things are miserable _______.

I think "anekdoty" are ______

What do you think about the proverb, "Measure twice and cut once?"

Fill in the blank. In 1945_____________

You spot a group of boys setting fire to the shrubbery in a park. Which of the following best characterizes your reaction?

How long are you prepared to wait for a bus, trolley, or other form of public transportation?

Holodets? It's __________

Which statement most closely matches your view of the Soviet period?